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Spa Insurance Canada provides specialized insurance solutions tailored to the unique needs of estheticians, nurses, doctors, med-spas, and salon owners. Trust us to safeguard your business with our industry-specific expertise.

Hair Stylists

Spa Insurance Canada has researched the hair and beauty salon industry thoroughly to determine exactly how to provide you with broad insurance coverage at a competitive price. We understand that many standard policies DON’T include coverage for your professional liability or for hairdressers and stylists renting chairs from you.


Spa Insurance Canada has built a strong reputation providing professional liability insurance to beauty salons and estheticians. That’s because we understand the products and risks specific to this industry. We also take the time to get to know our clients and their business, because we understand that is the only way to make sure you get the coverage you need.

Salon Owners

Owning and operating a spa is difficult enough without having to worry about insurance. As a business owner, your insurance needs are unique and can be quite complex. Let our experienced professionals help. We can custom-tailor an insurance package for you that covers all your basic and advanced insurance needs from general liability to professional liability.

Medical Spa Owners

Whether you are a physician working for a medical spa or a business owner operating one, you need the proper insurance coverage. Operating or working in a medical spa (or similar facility) is inherently risky. Many of the services are “medical” in nature going beyond the traditional “day spa” regimen. Without the proper insurance coverage you may be exposing yourself to crippling legal fees and claim payments that could ultimately lead to bankruptcy. Be certain that your livelihood is protected from these risks with our unique liability program that is specially designed for day spas, medical spas, anti-aging clinics and other facilities that offer aesthetic services.

Nurses and Doctors

Spa Insurance Canada recognizes the critical role that nurses and doctors play in the medi-spa industry. Whether you’re performing medical procedures, offering specialized treatments, or consulting with patients, it’s essential to have comprehensive insurance coverage. Even though you may have Errors and Omissions (E&O) coverage through an association, this coverage does not extend to the corporation or its employees. Our tailored insurance solutions are designed to protect you against the unique risks you face in your practice, ensuring that you can focus on providing care without the worry of potential legal and financial repercussions. Our policies offer broad coverages to ensure comprehensive protection for your practice.

Experience the advantage of personalized insurance advice.

Our team of insurance advisors will determine not only the best policy but also the best strategy for your lifestyle. Our brokers will look beyond your traditional insurance policy to offer insight and guidance that reflects your individualized risks.

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Experience the advantage of personalized insurance advice.